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The Exxus Tap VV 280 mAh 510 Touch Activated Battery by Exxus Vape is thoughtfully designed to be simple and unimposing. This fact about its appearance make it an ideal match for a variety of tanks. The voltage of this battery is adjustable, this fact is what makes it a variable voltage device. The output power can be changed from anywhere between 3.3V and 4.2V. With a 510 thread attachment component, the Exxus Tap can fit a large collective of tanks on the market. 

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The Exxus Tap VV 280 mAh 510 Touch Activated Battery by Exxus Vape is slender like a pen style battery device. It has a 510 thread attachment port which allows it to fit easily with many devices on the market as that threading count appears frequently. The Exxus Tap was designed with simplicity in mind and is therefore extremely user friendly. The pre-installed, rechargeable lithium ion battery releases 280mAh of power and reaches temperature within ten seconds of the activation button being triggered. The battery's power availability make is an ideal unit for e-liquids and aromatherapy oils primarily. No matter what is being vaporized with the Exxus Tap, it will always reach an ideal vapor point quickly and smoothly for a idyllic draw.

The Exxus Tap VV is small, but it still boasts a great list of features that are all self contained. A single button activates the battery and in turn allows it to reach it's maximum level of power within ten seconds. The one button is also how you initiate voltage adjustment, preheating, and stopping the device. One click stops the device's functions, two clicks starts the preheating process, and three clicks adjusts the voltage output. A side light display indicates the current voltage of the device. Blue means 3.3V, green means 3.7V, yellow means 3.9V, and red means 4.2V. Users will never be left guessing at what level the Exxus Tap VV is functioning at. The package also includes a reference manual should vapers need to go back and re-educate themselves on the device. 

The Exxus Tap VV is intended to be used with an additional tank mod. The company has made available the Exxus Snap VV Glass Cartridge with Ceramic Coil. This tank fits nicely with the Exxus Tap for easy use and massive vapor. It has fully integrated ceramic coils and a stainless steel core that heats products perfectly and smoothly. The two pieces working together ultimately create savory draws and massive clouds at exhale.

Some vapers may be looking for a device is has all of the components needed for a session self contained. The Exxus V2 Essential Oil Vaporizer is still a pen style device, but the tank and battery are included in the same kit. The V2 fits easily in a pocket or purse, making it a truly travel friendly device. The rechargeable battery puts out 650mAh of power and the 1.6mL tank is intended for essential oil use. It still has a user friendly one button system and once activated, it reaches temperature in five seconds. The V2 also has an impressive safety feature with its auto-off function. Additionally, is has a locking feature that prevents the device from accidentally being triggered in a pocket or purse. 

Exxus Vape's founders have a combined total of 25 years experience in the vaping industry. Even though they opened their doors only three years ago, they've taken their collective knowledge and propelled the company into creating products that are easy to use, but extremely powerful. Each devices flawless performance is evidence of this. Each device is also specifically designed to be used with dry herbs, concentrates, or e-liquids. Accommodating this niche has allowed them to innovate and build some of the best tanks, mods, pens, etc. on the market.

While you examine the Exxus Tap VV 280 mAh 510 Touch Activated Battery by Exxus Vape, feel free to look through all of GotVape.com's many tanks, mods, accessories, and supplies. If you have any questions, please contact our friendly customer service staff.

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